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April 2018

From shellfish to udder health

Researchers develop product dairy farmers can use to improve cow health during dry-off while decreasing antibiotic use

November 2016

What’s driving producer adoption of mastitis prevention? Progressive Dairy

David Kelton, researcher at University of Guelph, leads a research project, funded by the Dairy Research Cluster 2, on impediments to adoption of best milking practices. His master’s student, Emilie Belage, who is working on the project, held four focus groups in Ontario in the spring of 2016 to investigate why producers adopt certain mastitis prevention practices and not others.

November 2018

The cost of mastitis in Canadian dairy herds

In 2015, a group of Canadian university researchers and the Canadian Bovine Mastitis and Milk Quality Research Network conducted a study to estimate herd-level costs incurred by expenditures and production losses associated with mastitis on Canadian dairy farms. The study was based on 145 producer surveys.

September 2019

Think you know everything about bovine mastitis?

Through collaboration and teamwork, the Mastitis Network has led the creation of three Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, each focusing on various topics related to bovine mastitis. Experts from over 20 countries share their knowledge and insight, as well as their latest research, on this always timely topic.



March 2019

From shellfish to udder health

Samuel Lanctôt describes how chitosan, an extract from the shells of shellfish, can help prevent intramammary infections in dairy cows.

January 2019

The development of alternative methods to antibiotics: a priority for dairy farms in Canada

Coralie narrates this animation video explaining how research is used to come up with different ways to deal with mastitis-causing bacteria

January 2019

What does antimicrobial resistance on our dairy farms look like?

Diego Nobrega studies the emergence of antimicrobial resistance on dairy farms to find the most productive way to reduce antimicrobial usage while keeping our cows healthy.

November 2018

Mastitis prevention and milking management

Emilie’s research project consists of surveying Canadian dairy farms on milking management and mastitis prevention practices. Find out how she collected all this valuable information!