Quarter-based selective dry-cow treatment using on-farm diagnostic tool

Decrease the use of antibiotics at drying-off by 50 % while maintaining udder health.


  • With selectve dry cow therapy, infected cows may be treated with an antimicrobial only or with a combina-
    tion of antimicrobial and a teat sealant at the end of lactation, while uninfected cows receive only a teat
  •  Introducing such a treatment strategy will, of course, generate new costs, mainly costs for diagnostic tests
    and extra labor for sampling and conducting the test (for on-farm tests). On the other hand, less antimicrobials are used and costs for drugs and labor for administering drugs are saved.
  • Selective dry cow therapy is one potential strategy for achieving a more judicious use of antimicrobials.

Research Team

  • Jean-Philippe Roy(Principal Investigator, UMontréal)
  • Fidèle Kabera (MSc candidate, UMontréal)     

Not in photo

  • Greg Keefe (collaborator, UPEI)
  • Simon Dufour (collaborator, UMontréal)