Predicting persistence and clinical expression of S.aureus infections using molecular characterization

Confirm that the identification of virulence genes and biofilm production of current strains of S. aureus is a good predictive tool to estimate duration and expression of these strains. Encourage the use of this diagnostic method before treating or culling cows.


  • S. aureus phenotypic and genotypic characteristics were evaluated to predict the duration of IMI. We found that some characteristics of the pathogen including determination of the spa type genes helps to predict duration of infection and the clinical or subclinical outcome of S. aureus IMIs. However, the bovine host genetic and immune status, and the influence of the environment and of management practices are also factors that could help predicting duration of infection. 

Research Team

  • Sébastien Pichette-Jolette (MSc candidate, USherbrooke)
  • Abdelhamid Asli (undergraduate student, USherbrooke)
  • Jean-Philippe Roy (Principal Investigator, UMontréal)
    Not in photo:
  • François Malouin (collaborator, USherbrooke)
  • Greg Keefe (collaborator, UPEI)