Pathogen and cow characteristics associated with recurrence of clinical mastitis

Predict more accurately the probability of a recurrent clinical mastitis event following a first clinical mastitis case and adjust the management and culling decisions accordingly.


  • Important risk factors for CM recurrence were identified, these included: parity (i.e. higher risk in older cows), a higher milk production, pathogen species involved in the preceding case, and whether a bacteriological cure was observed following the preceding case.
  • The most important effects of recurrent CM were identified: the milk yield reduction following a recurrent CM case, which was reported to be similar to that of the first CM case, and the increased risk of culling and mortality, which were reported to surpass those of first CM cases.

Research Team

  • Simon Dufour (Principal Investigator, UMontréal)
  • Ève-Marie Lavallée-Bourget (Undergraduate student, UMontréal)
  • Hossein Jamali (MSc candidate, UMontréal)
    Not in photo:
  • Mario Jacques (collaborator, UMontréal)
  • François Malouin (collaborator, USherbrooke)
  •  Herman Barkema (collaborator, UCalgary)
  • Henrik Stryhn (collaborator, UPEI)