Obstacles to adoption of better management practices

Identify factors facilitating or inhibiting adoption of best management practices.

Investigate producer perceptions of risks, preferences for new information, and decision process regarding adoption of new practices.


    • Producers’ ideas and perception of what it means to produce quality milk with low SCC influence their degree of motivation for implementing mastitis prevention paractices.
    • Certain routines and habits are hard to break; dairy farms producing good quality milk by definition (i.e. SCC less than 400 000 cells/ml) will probably see no reason to change or adapt their practices unless they are motivated to do so, either through incentives or penalties.
    • The majority of producers agree with the popular phrase: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”


    • Simon Dufour (collaborator, UMontréal)
    • Greg Keefe (collaborator, UPEI)
    • Herman Barkema (collaborator, UCalgary)
    • Gale West (collaborator, U Laval)
    • Dave Kelton (Principal Investigator, UGuelph)
    • Alex Watters (PhD candidate, UGuelph)
    • Emilie Belage (candidate MSc, UGuelph)
    • Not pictured: Jason Coe (collaborator, UGuelph)