Novel treatment for staphylococci intramammary infections

Improve stability and potency of a new antibiotic

Evaluate activity against S. aureus and CNS

Evaluate the safety in dairy cows


  • New knowledge on efficacy of various molecules of a new drug target for S. aureus were acquired.
  • The last antimicrobial molecule with a new mode of action was commercialized in the eighties. This is, therefore, a very important discovery that could have a tremendous impact in veterinary and, perhaps, human medicine. The initial discovery of this molecule was voted one of the 10 discoveries of the year in 2010 by the ‘’Quebec Science’’ magazine. We were able to further refine the molecule to obtain a more stable molecule that could be commercially marketed.

Research Team

  • Céline Ster (Postdoc Fellow, researcher, USherbrooke)
  • François Malouin (Principal Investigator, USherbrooke)
  • Véronique Belley (MSc candidate, USherbrooke)
    Not pictured : Eric Marsault (collaborator, USherbrooke), Pierre Lacasse (collaborator, CRD de Sherbrooke-AAC), Charles Isabelle and
    Natasa Obradovic (students, USherbrooke)