Antibiofilm molecules active against S. aureus and coagulase-negative staphylococci isolates

Identify mechanism(s) of action and spectrum of activity of antibiofilm molecules of S. simulans and S. chromogenes.

Evaluate the effect of these molecules on the ability of staphylococcal isolates to cause persistent intramammary infections.


  • To this day, several intriguing molecules have been isolated and shown to hinder biofilm formation. Their exact nature and mechanism of action remains to be identified.

Research Team

  • Abdelhamid Asli (MSc candidate, USherbrooke)
  • Coralie Goetz (PhD, UMontréal)
  • Mario Jacques (Principal Investigator, UMontréal)
  • François Malouin (collaborator, USherbrooke)
  • Yannick Tremblay (Postdoctoral fellow, UMontréal)